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NXT30 Single Engine Flotation Bracket With Swim Platform/ Fits C-Hawk 16 degree

NXT30 Single Engine Flotation Bracket With Swim Platform/ Fits C-Hawk 16 degree

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Nextwave Marine manufactures outboard engine brackets for any size vessel and shape, including houseboats and pontoon boats.   We can build and design anything from a single engine to 4+ engine brackets. 

If it Floats and you need a bracket we can build it.   

Aluminum Brackets with or without Swim Platforms are designed and built for the boat that is being installed on.  Brackets are designed to help your vessel improve it’s navigation stability, speed and comfort with eye-catching designs to improve the look of your boat. 

The Bracket you are viewing Specs :  

  • Swim Platform Length 72" 
  • Flotation box width 30" 
  • Degree: 14
  • Setback 28"  
  • Approximately 56 Gallons of volume 
  • 6” Screw in deck lid with seal 
  • Drain Plug
  • Awl-grip Sandtex Textured non-skid  for the top of the platform.  
  • Motor mount pre-drilled holes 
  • Installation Template 
  • Approximate Weight: 175 LBS 
  • Powder Coated finish 
  • Max HP Rating 450
  • 10 Year Warranty on Structure and welding.

Fits:  C-Hawk 22'  with a 16 degree transom.  Always verify your transom degree before placing the order. 

NOTE:  Transoms with Curved or Notch  are priced differently than standard flat transom.  A curve or notch transom means when looking at the boat horizontally some have a curve or outward notch.   

We offer in-house installation

Contact us to customize your bracket to your needs.  


Any questions or concern contact us at 305-699-4090 or by email at

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