Nextwave MarineĀ builds engine bracket's for any size vessel/boat.Ā  We have built from a single engine bracket to engine bracketā€™s for 5 Outboard Motors.

HP Rating 450HP per bracketĀ 

Light weight and strength based on our unique designsĀ 

We bend instead of welding key areas of the bracket that produce the most force when in use

Aluminum Construction Ā¼ā€ inch thickness with Ā½ā€ for motor side and inside horizontal 2ā€ bent lip reinforcement with a horizontal bracket for added supportĀ Aluminum alloy Grade 5052. With an H32 temper, this means it has been strain hardened to a 1/4 hard temper and thermally stabilized.

Aluminum alloy 5052 properties have high strength to weight ratios. They are very good with corrosion resistance to seawater and marineĀ 

Awl-grip Sand-tex Textured non-skidĀ  for the top of the platform

10 Year Warranty on Structure and welding

Powder Coating Process

Powder coating with marine grade and done by one of the best company with 20 years of experience

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