Engine Brackets

Do you offer installation?

Can you remove the engine or do I have to?

What is the turn around time for engine brackets?

How thick is the bracket?

What is a floatation box?

Can you see the motor's bolts when mounted?

What comes in the Installation Kit?

What colors do you offer in powder coating?

Can you powder coat the bracket to match my boat's color?

Does it come with non-skid?

Do you build triple engine brackets?

Do you need the boat to build the bracket?

Fuel Tanks

What is the turn around time?

What type of aluminum do you use to build the fuel tanks?

What thickness are the fuel tanks? 

How do you calculate how many gallons a tank holds? 

Does it come with a sending unit? 

Do you offer epoxy coating?

How do you price the fuel tanks?


How long have you been in business? 

Do you offer a warranty?

Do you deliver?