Why Should I Use an Outboard Bracket on My Boat

Why Should I Use an Outboard Bracket on My Boat

Are you wondering about finding custom outboard engine brackets for your boat? Nextwave Marine can help you find the perfect fit every time. Having the correct parts for your boat is important because it will run correctly, glide through the water more leisurely, and last longer. Our experienced staff is here to help you find every missing piece you may need for your boat. Just ask us any questions you may have about brackets, and we can guide you in the right direction! 

Custom Outboard Engine Brackets with Nextwave Marine 

We manufacture outboard flotation engine brackets for any size vessel or houseboat. Nextwave Marine has built anything from a single to a five-engine bracket. Brackets are designed to help your vessel improve its navigation stability, speed, and comfort with unbelievable designs to upgrade the look of your boat. Custom outboard engine brackets created with Nextwave Marine can only help your boat's overall style and well-being. 

We can show you the outboard brackets we have created and let you choose the best design for your boat. Nextwave Marine and our team will work with you to ensure you get the design you are looking for and process together to get you the right engine brackets for your boat's needs. 

Making your boat a priority should be on your list of things to do. Our boats are essential to us, and we want everyone to feel the same way about their boats. Having nice brackets to set your boat in place will make all the difference on the water. Put in the time and money to make the changes your boat needs. You will be thankful for it later. 

Important Parts and Details 

  • HP Rating 400HP / Per Bracket¬†
  • Brackets are Lightweight and have strength.¬†
  • Aluminum Construction ¬ľ" inch thickness with ¬Ĺ" for the motor side, and the inside has a horizontal 2" bent lip reinforcement with a horizontal bracket for added support.¬†
  • Aluminum alloy Grade 5052. With an H32 temper, it has been strain hardened to a 1/4 hard temper and thermally stabilized. Aluminum alloy 5052 properties have high strength to weight ratios. They are very good with corrosion resistance to seawater and marine.
  • Most of the bracket is designed where most areas are bent without in-house Hydraulic press brakes. Areas that need welding there are done inside and outside the connection.¬†
  • Awl-grip Sandtex, Textured non-skid, for the top of the platform.¬†¬†
  • There is a 10 Year Warranty on Structure and welding.¬†

Why Outboard Engine Brackets are Necessary 

Most importantly, you should know a bit about custom outboard engine brackets so that when you need a new one, or your boat is missing a piece, you will know what to ask for. Nextwave Marine has many bracket specialists available for you to get in touch with. It is essential to ask questions and fully understand brackets and why they are vital for your boating needs‚ÄĒkeeping up with boat maintenance and knowing what your boat needs and when is ideal for having a boat that will be in the best shape.¬†

Besides that, we want our customers to know we have their boat and safety in mind to ensure they have the best parts for their boat. Our brackets are made with the best materials. Remember to be upfront about what you need for your boat, and let us help you make the brackets you need to keep your boat running smoothly. Nextwave Marine is prepared to create outboard brackets for any boat and take on any challenge you may have in mind. Our brackets are made to help your boats and ensure that you get the best quality materials. 

Interested In Our Outboard Engine Brackets? 

You can reach us on our contact us page and leave a message or call us at (305)699-4090 to find out more information about our brackets. We take pride in putting our customers' needs first and understanding each custom build. Every project is different, and we were hoping you could come to us when you need custom outboard engine brackets. You will notice how much quality work makes your boat run differently. Let us show you that your boat can be top of the line.
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