Outboard Engine Brackets. What's the deal?

Outboard Engine Brackets. What's the deal?

If you love your outboard-powered boat but you’re tired of newer boats with less horsepower leaving you in their wake, let’s talk about performance.  If your outboards aren’t as efficient as they used to be or if having a few passengers aboard render you with a sluggish ride, outboard engine brackets can help increase your rig’s performance.  Better fuel economy and increased speed are attainable, too, and is closer than you think. 

The result of installing outboard engine brackets is powerful.  Testing has shown that installing one of these custom outboard engine brackets gave a 23% increase in fuel economy by cutting down on the amount of fuel used to perform the same actions.  These brackets provide a solution to handle the positioning and additional weight of outboard motors, especially the substantial new 4 stroke engines.  

How exactly do outboard engine brackets help?  It is a simple but brilliant design. The flotation interior is integral in offsetting the weight of the heaviest engines. This additional buoyancy to the hull and its location lowers the engine’s center of gravity.  The design allows an unobstructed boarding platform as well.  Handling is improved as well as a drier ride and increased safety.  

Outboard engine brackets position the outboards and propellers aft of the hull, allowing both the hull and props to function optimally.  As water careens off the aft edge of the hull, it makes the most of its whole wetted surface and the props get cleaner water, cutting down on aeration and turbulence that diminishes efficiency. Brackets will aid in reducing the risk of shipping water over the transom. 

As an added bonus, outboard engine brackets increase the distance between the engine and the cockpit, which creates a quieter cockpit by minimizing engine noise. Think of the peace you’ll enjoy listening to the wind and sea on your next long trip. The brackets will give you more free space inside the boat, giving you the chance to design a comfortable and large aft sundeck.  Finally, the introduction of brackets will give you additional space around the engine which is beneficial in a number of ways including extra room when you need to work on the engine as well as giving you an ideal space for swimming, fishing, launching and diving expeditions. 

NextWave Marine is a family-owned aluminum manufacturing company based in Miami, servicing customers across the continental U.S.  Our clients have found performance success with our outboard engine brackets including better fuel mileage, deck space, safety, performance and seaworthiness from the first day of installation.  Our brackets are custom made to fit any vessel and priced competitively.  

The consultation process is simple. Let’s talk about your boat to determine how outboard engine brackets can help.  We’ll ask about the size and length of your boat and other questions like is it stern-heavy or bow-heavy?  By delving into dimensions of the hull, shaft length and power options, we can determine what will work best for you.  We can design brackets that fit your individual boat and motor combination, including quads on boats or single motors.  Want to learn more? 

Give us a call at 772.202.0337 or email us at info@nextwavemarine.net today to have your bracket started! 



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