Nextwave Marine has been building new aluminum marine fuel tanks for the boating industry for over 20 years. We build them using newer Tig welders by Miller welding technology and hand weld each tank (TIG).

Carefully laying down each weld with precision and excellent penetration to produce strong and durable structures.  We build quality tanks that are durable and get you out on the water quickly and safely. 


Our Build Process,

    • We Bend if possible all corners of the tanks minimizing the areas that get's welded.

    • Maximum Test Pressure 5 PSI/ 34.5 KPA/ Tested Under 33CFR 183.510 (a)

    • Meet ISO 8846 AND 10088 Specifications

    • Aluminum 5052 H32 Series

    • Thickness/ Gauge (depending on the gallons)  .125, .1875 or .25 

    • (TIG) welded to meet or exceed ASME / ASW D3.7:2004  using newer Miller Welders 

    • All tanks come with baffles depending on the design and specifications of the tank

    • KUS-USA ( also known as Wema USA)  SSS/ SSL Fuel Sending units.  KUS-USA  is the world leader in level sensors and sensing solutions. 

    • Permatex® Threadlocker and sealant system for marine fittings applications

    • Optional:  Sherwin Williams® TarGard® Epoxy paint, applied to a high mil coverage, ensure an external tank’s surface free of accidental corrosion by metallic or continued water contact.  Using a two step process.  first  applying the primer epoxy in white and final coat epoxy in black proving a strong and durable coat for maximum protection.  Following the SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings) guidelines.