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New Vs. Restored Boats: What’s the Best Option?

There are two basic boating options: purchasing a brand-new boat or refurbishing an older boat. Making the choice that is best for you might be difficult because both offer advantages and disadvantages.

The goal is to make that choice just a little bit simpler. Therefore we've put up a collection of suggestions for buying a new boat versus refurbishing an existing one. Contact us so we can know if you have any suggestions for boat restoration work rather than new boat purchases!


Advantages of Buying a New Boat 

The key benefits of owning a new boat are listed below. Of course, these can change based on the buyer's preferences and the market conditions for boats:
  1. Choice: Choices include the manufacturer, the style, the amenities, and a lot more when purchasing a brand-new boat. In many cases, you may even assemble the boat's equipment yourself.
  2. State-of-the-art technology: The majority of new boats come packed with the necessary electronics. Just start moving!
  3. Warranty claim: The vendor is responsible if something malfunctions or damages even during the warranty term.

Disadvantages of Buying a New Boat 

From our personal experiences, such are the primary downsides of purchasing a new yacht. Of course, these may differ based on the particular circumstances of the buyer:

  1. Price: The above-mentioned benefits don't really come without a cost, of course, but rather typically require a protruding wallet.  
  2. The decline in value: just after one year, the new yacht loses 1/3 of its initial worth owing to wear and aging. The value decrease continues to be 5% every year after the 2nd year.

Advantages of Buying a Second-Hand Boat 

You can learn about the key benefits of purchasing a used boat. However, these can change based on the purchaser's preferences or the boats that are now for sale in the refurbished market:
  1. Many buying options: you may either purchase used boats from a vendor that gives outstanding advice and assistance, or you may buy through a boat broker to decrease overhead expenses. A private dealer may also be found in periodicals or on a variety of internet marketplaces.
  2. Price-performance: A secondhand but well-organized boat's performance is typically more than enough, especially for new boaters. The biggest deterrent for many people from purchasing a new boat is the cost. In certain cases, buying used might help make the desire to have a sailboat or powerboat turn out to be true quickly.
  3. Additional items: A private boat seller will frequently throw along a few accessories like lines, radios, life jackets, and some other safety gear. You might avoid incurring further expenses by doing this.

Disadvantages of Buying a Second-Hand Boat

Drawing from our personal experiences, here are the primary downsides of purchasing a used boat. Obviously, they can change based on the boat's condition.

  1. (Hidden) defects: The purchaser assumes all liability when purchasing a used boat. Unwanted surprises may occur when one does not thoroughly test and check the boats and their technologies before purchasing. Advice: If at all feasible, have a surveyor examine the boat before purchasing. This provides you extra security and potentially the chance to decrease the cost a little.
  2. Necessary refit: Based on our own encounters, we can say that necessary repairs almost never cost the same as the original purchase. According to the boat's age, it may be necessary to repair or replace some equipment, the engine components, interior, sails, etc. This might result in extra expenses of only a thousand euros.


One thing is absolutely necessary if you want to get a new boat /yacht, and that is a sizable bank account. You will receive a lot of things in exchange. The sense of having been the very first to direct the vessel towards the horizon, together with the newest tools and materials.

You will often choose to purchase a secondhand boat if you do not really value this and have a limited budget. Here's our greatest beginner's recommendation if you have no idea what you've been searching for: second-hand boats that seem to be 2-3 years old but also that you purchase from a vendor with an outstanding warrant will be the most affordable.

The fact that anybody may purchase a boat, but only a skilled person can maintain one must always be kept in mind.

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