What’s So Special About Aluminum?

What’s So Special About Aluminum?

Outboard motor brackets are an essential part of any boat. They hold the engine in place and keep you moving through the water. But what makes Marine aluminum the best material for outboard motor brackets? Nextwave Marine has the answer! Aluminum is lightweight and strong, making it a perfect material for outboard brackets. It doesn't rust, meaning your brackets will last longer. Plus, Aluminum is affordable and easy to work with, so you can create the perfect bracket for your boat.

If you need outboard motor brackets, do not wait. Come to us, and we will start your build right away! Having your boat parts up to date and working is crucial. You always want your boat to glide across the water so you can enjoy the ride every time. 

Why Nextwave Marine Uses Marine Aluminum 

Aluminum has high corrosion resistance and is non-toxic. Maine aluminum should be your top choice when looking for outboard motor brackets! Nextwave Marine has a wide selection of aluminum outboard motor brackets to choose from. We have brackets for all types of boats so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. It is essential to take care of your boat parts, know where they come from, and care for them.

How is Aluminum made, you ask? 

Aluminum is made from bauxite and a mineral mined all over the world. The bauxite is crushed and mixed with caustic soda and water to produce alumina. This alumina is then heated in an electric furnace to form aluminum oxide, which is reduced to pure Aluminum by adding carbon. Knowing this process is interesting because it informs us that the lightweight material being used for our brackets has a strong base. 

There is so much to know about Aluminum, where it comes from, and how it keeps our parts together. We can share any information with you if you call us about your outboard motor brackets. 

Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat, which helps your boat run more relaxed and smoother. It is also a lightweight material so that it won't add extra weight to your boat. Nextwave Marine knows about outboard motor brackets and can help you find just what your boat needs. We trust our products and you should too!

Marine aluminum is one of our top materials. It holds up well in the water and looks nice. We offer custom aluminum designs. If you find brackets that you would like for your boat, we can build them for you. Our custom builds with Aluminum are one of a kind, and we like a challenge, so anything you may want for your boat, ask, and we can work together to make it happen for you. 

Benefits To Using Aluminum 

Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality, making it a more environmentally friendly option. A massive plus for boaters because we care about what goes into the water. And how our parts affect the sea. Using materials that can be recycled is good quality, and we know it holds up because we have been using marine aluminum for years. Once you find something you can trust, why change it! We believe in our products and think you should give us a call to help you find the brackets you have been looking for. 

Aluminum is affordable compared to other metals such as gold or platinum, making it an excellent option for those on a budget. We are always trying to make it easier on our customers and ensure you get the parts you need for the correct prices. All you have to do is ask, and we will work together to build the aluminum brackets you need for the prices you are willing to pay. Customer service is crucial, and Nextwave Marine takes pride in keeping customers happy. 

Shop With Nextwave Marine 

Nextwave Marine in Princeton, FL, knows boats, and we know outboard motor brackets. We have the best selection of aluminum brackets for your boat so that you can get back on the water in no time! Contact us today at (305)699-4090 to learn more about our products and services. Our family-owned business is big on creating relationships with our customers and making sure you get just what you need for your boat when you need it. 

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