Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

If you're new boat owners, you're probably thrilled about your new vessel! However, you might also be confused by all the terms used, including ones you've probably never heard before. You might also have questions about boating and boating products. Why is engine shaft size important? What is a flotation pod? Don't worry; Nextwave Marine is here to help!

Why is engine shaft size important?

Engine shaft size is essential because it's required information to build engine brackets. The most common shaft motor is 25". One of the most frequent questions Nextwave Marine gets from our customers is: "Can you build a bracket for a boat that was made to install an engine with a shaft size of 25", but the owner is using a 20" or even 30" motor?"

The answer is yes. We can!

What is a flotation pod?

A flotation pod is a foam-filled buoyancy device, usually made of fiberglass, that is attached to a boat's stern (rear). The purpose of a flotation pod is to provide additional stability and keep the stern of the boat from riding too low in the water. While most boats come with some form of flotation built in, some boat owners choose to add flotation pods for extra peace of mind. Flotation pods can also be a good idea if you frequently carry heavy loads or plan on doing a lot of waterskiing or wakeboarding behind your boat.

Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

How do I protect myself from the sun while out on the water?

Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing is always a good idea when spending time outdoors, but it's imperative when you're on the water. The sun's rays can reflect off the water and cause sunburns more quickly than you might expect. Make sure to apply sunscreen regularly, wear a hat or visor, and consider investing in a canvas boat cover.

Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

How do I avoid B.O.A.T.?

B.O.A.T. is a common joke among boat owners: it stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand (dollars)." This acronym refers to the tendency of boat ownership to be a rather expensive hobby. While boating with your clients can offer new business opportunities and boating with your family can create timeless memories, as new boat owners sometimes you just don't want to put your boat through additional wear and tear. In this case, consider signing up for a boat-sharing program like the Freedom Boat Club. By taking advantage of programs like this, you can enjoy boating without paying for so much of it yourself.

Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

What is a transom?

The transom is the back or stern of a boat. It's the wall that separates the main cabin from the cockpit (where you sit while steering). The term "transom" can also refer to a door that opens onto the stern, which is sometimes used as an emergency exit.

Tips, Tricks, and Definitions for New Boat Owners

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