Tips on Buying New Vs Restoring an Old Boat

When it comes to boats, there are two main options: buying new or restoring an old boat. Both have their pros and cons, so it can be challenging to decide which option is right for you.

Nextwave Marine wants to help make that decision a little bit easier. So we've put together a list of tips on buying new vs. restoring an old boat. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you with boat restoration projects vs. buying new boat ideas!


One of the essential things every boater should consider is the cost when it comes down to it. Boats are an expensive hobby, and people do not always realize this until too late. We grow to love our boats and want to spend as much time with them.

You want to share your love with friends and family, so you buy gas and fancy features to make it look better, but then once it starts to get older, you come to the time of your boat's life where you ask yourself, is it time for a new one, or should I put more time into the boat that I have had for years now.

Time and Patience

Working on your boat takes time and patience. Sometimes the piece does not fit right. You may have to try more than one way of doing things. Asking for advice is a popular thing in the world of boating. Nextwave Marine works closely with clients because everyone updates and adds to their boats to make them better every day! It might be costly when you think of boat restoration projects, but so is buying a brand new boat.

You have to decide how to spend your time and money. Everything comes down to how much time you have to put into restoring your boat and if you want to ask for help. It is for sure you cannot do it yourself.

Knowledge of Boats

Nextwave Marine is a family-owned business staffed with professionals waiting to help you build the best boat. When it comes to boat restoration projects, we guide you through the process and ensure your boat is everything you want it to be and more!

Knowing boats helps when it comes to boat restoration projects. When you buy something new and shiny, it is excellent and has new features. However, you're used to your boat and how it works and functions. Why trade in something that isn't broken- right?


How do you want your boat to look? What color do you want it to be? Have you thought about the materials you would like to use? Ask yourself some questions so that when you start your boat restoration projects, you will be able to build the masterpiece of your dreams. Everyone deserves the boat they want.

You could even give your boat a name! Naming your boat gives it personality and can make it officially yours before deciding on what other details go into designing your boat.

Also, what does your boat look like, and why do you want to change the way it looks? Is there something wrong with it? These are all things to consider when designing and restoring boats.

Structure of Boat Restoration Projects

Thinking about the overall structure of your current boat vs. buying a new one is something to consider. When you are thinking about restoring your boat, the first thing to ensure is that it is in good condition. There should not be any significant issues with your boat, and the overall structure should be intact. Nextwave Marine can help fix parts of your boat and help update your boat, but the main parts have to be there for us to work with.

Boat Restoration with Nextwave Marine

If you are stuck between boat restoration projects or buying something new, give us a call at (305)699-4090, or you can leave us a message! Nextwave marine is here to ensure you have the best boat around. Boat safety, efficiency, and style are all essential to us! Just let us know how we can help, and we will work as a team to come to a solution to get you the boat of your dreams!

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