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Nextwave Marine Builders - Aluminum Products for the Boating Industry

Boating is an increasingly popular hobby and pastime for many people around the world. Whether fishing, sailing, or just relaxing on a lake, it offers an escape from everyday life. At Nextwave Marine Builders, we specialize in developing aluminum products specifically designed to meet the needs of the boating industry. Let’s take a closer look at why our products are so effective.


Why choose Nextwave Marine Builders Aluminum Products for Boat?

A common choice for boats and other nautical equipment, aluminum offers several beneficial qualities. A boat's design must consider several factors, one of which is weight. It is lightweight; however, that does not imply that it is not robust. Nextwave Marine Builders Aluminum products for boats fl offers the best Aluminum products as aluminum alloys. In addition, Aluminum has many qualities that make them perfect for marine applications. That makes it a better option than steel and plastic as competing materials. Lightweight Aluminum is used by Nextwave Marine Builders Aluminum products for boats fl. In given marine conditions, it offers good corrosion resistance. Its strength-to-weight ratio is also outstanding. Sheet, plate, and intricate extruded shapes are all available. Its fabrication is also straightforward.

Guarantee is Our Specialty 

For any size boat or vessel, Nextwave Marine makes engine brackets. We have constructed engine brackets for one outboard motor up to five. 450 HP are available per bracket. We have an engine flotation bracket for sale fl.

 Based on distinctive designs, it is lightweight and strong. Important bracket sections that exert the most force when operating are bent rather than welded—building with Aluminum alloy Grade 5052, 14" thick, with 12" for the motor side and inside horizontal 2" bent lip reinforcement with a horizontal bracket for additional support. It has been strain hardened to a 1/4 hard temper and thermally stabilized with an H32 temper, according to this definition.

We offer a 10-year warranty on the framework and the welding to give quality assurance.

Brackets for floatation engines

We at Nextwave Marine have flotation engine brackets, one of our outstanding products. An engine bracket improves your boat's aesthetic appeal while increasing its speed, comfort, and stability during navigation. From single-engine brackets to five-engine brackets, we can construct these in any size for any ship or houseboat. The best chance available is single engine flotation for sale fl.

Every one of Nextwave Marine's engine brackets has a powder-coated finish. There are two steps in this process. A marine-grade paint is applied first, and a marine-grade clear coat is added. Your engine brackets are rust-resistant thanks to the paint and clear coat. In this way, single engine flotation for sale gives you benefits. As the engine brackets are durable and long-lasting, giving you value for your money. 



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